Urinary Infection

Frequent Mistakes, Symptoms And Treatment.

Do I have a simple urinary infection or not? Here's the question you should ask if the infection is repeated. The reason? Any repetitive symptom hides a disease that you need to diagnose.

On the other hand, a simple urinary infection must be treated correctly, targeted. Random initiated treatments can lead to decreased functional kidney function. Women make urinary infections more than men, say statistics. The explanation is given even by the anatomy of the urinary apparatus, identical in both sexes except the urethra. This organ that closes the kidney is small in size for women and thus becomes permissive in the face of germs.

Urinary infection - frequent mistakes

Once you have the first urge inconvenience, do a urine analysis with uroculture. Unfortunately, many of these infections 'benefit' from random treatment. And repeated mistakes in case of a simple urinary infection can lead to the destruction of a functional part of the kidney. Why? "In situations where urinary infections are treated empirically by patients, these infections can easily ascend to pyelonephritis, infections inside the kidneys that leave scars in the functional cells".

One of the most common mistakes is to go to the pharmacy and even receive antibiotics that you administer for 2-3 days. Symptoms disappear, the infection only passes for 5-6 days with the targeted antibiotic. In this way, just increase your resistance to various infectious agents.

And if you go from doctor to doctor and receive various remedies, you will get complicated treatment schemes, unnecessary in simple urinary infection. And these weaken the immune capacity of the body.

Treatment for urinary tract infection

Natural treatments, on the other hand, are not enough. A natural treatment at most can help by having an anti-inflammatory effect, but from the point of view of curative treatment, the antibiotic is very important. It is important, however, the targeted antibiotic, after you have a summary of the urine and the uroculture.

Among men, repeated mistakes in the treatment of urinary infections lead to chronic prostatitis. The infections are extraordinarily frustrating for both (patient and doctor) because they really become very difficult to treat.

An essential information on urinary infections is their frequency. If you notice that it is repeated, besides urine tests, you need an ultrasound evaluation of the kidney.

Sometimes, repeated urinary infections may suggest a serious bladder pathology. As soon as there is a bladder tumour, its presence can cause obstruction of the urethra. In this case, the bladder will remove urine more difficult. On the other hand, stagnant urine is a very good culture medium for all bacteria

Frequent urination, a common symptom of urinary infections, can also occur in prostate diseases. In all of these cases, take any anti-inflammatory drugs ONLY after a prior consultation that gives you a clear diagnosis.

Returning to urinary tract infections, it is possible for blood to appear, detectable with the eyes or to the urine test. It can betray a simple urinary infection, easy to treat, and not only. It may mean a simple thing. But it can also betray the presence of kidney tumor, renal tuberculosis, and last but not least a bladder carcinoma that is an oncological problem. Urinary cancer can occur more frequently in men. This type of cancer has a significant rate of occurrence in the big smokers. But non-smokers can also develop bladder malignancy.

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