Sore Throat

Plant combination for sore throat.

In order to understand what you are dealing with, I confess to you from the start that I am called the mother of illness - various diseases of various fields are relatively common to me. That is why my most important investments are not clothing but pharmaceuticals. The doctor cabinet could rival the one in the bedroom.

And yet, there are cures that does not fit into it. And these are the cures that got into my ear from my grandparents, and fortunately, they did not come out anymore. That's how I came to confidently resort to remedies from the earth and thirty years since I first heard them. Most are related to the  cold that crosses our threshold a few times in a year and is not going away with either one or nine pills.

I remembered that  I was thinking of the "medical" secrets of my childhood after a long flu that was no longer carried with absolutely nothing on the market, and while I was waiting to invent new drugs. So I quickly summoned to my place in the kitchen, the place where the diseases healed rather than the pharmacy and I found some onions, some potatoes, some honey, milk and egg.

Onion tea

  • When in a stubborn cold or immediately after a very nagging cough, your chest hurts and your throat is not happy, then take a big onion and boil it well. Leave it covered there a few minutes after you take it off the fire and then try to drink it hot. Now, some may advise you to put some honey in the cup, I personally do not like joining the tastes, so better try without a first instance. You will suffer, but you will get used with the taste.

Potatoes with alcohol

  • My great-grandmother has revealed this natural remedy for the sore throat . In extreme cases of cold, she also recommends a mixture of hot poults poured directly on her chest, but I always refused it because it sounds a little dangerous, so I do not know the details. But if you want take two healthy potatoes like for a soup. Put them on a scarf, pour generous alcohol on it and grab all this necklace around your neck. You'll feel immobilized, the scarf will be irreplaceable (you can choose a cloth), the alcohol can run on a shirt or blouse, but it's worth it.
  • 1 teaspoon of salvia, half a teaspoon of common agrimony, half a teaspoon of chopped ginger, 300 ml of water. Put the plants in a mug. Pour boiled water over the plants. Let it infuse for 5 minutes.



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