Skin Burns

Natural remedies for minor burns.

Annually, thousands of people are treated in emergency departments for burns caused by scalding with hot water or hot liquids. The most frequent victims of accidents are children and the elderly, whose skin is much thinner and more sensitive, but also people with certain disabilities that have a required time to react (people with mental disorders, people immobilized in wheelchairs or those moving with the crutches).

The main cause of scalding burns is hot water from the tap, followed by the steam formed by a pot of boiling water, the extremely high water temperature of the shower (over 48 degrees Celsius is dangerous), hot drinks (tea, coffee ) or cooked hot food. While knowing the causes we can prevent the accidents, such cases still happen because of the curiosity of young children, limited understanding of the danger or mobility and agility of the elderly, so it is necessary to know the basic rules of first aid in case of scalding:

  • Remove the victim from the source of scalding;
  • If the clothes did not stick to the victim, remove them from the skin and take out watches or jewelery;
  • Pour the burned area with a cold water jet for at least 10 minutes, but no more than 20 minutes. This will reduce the damage to the tissues and relieve the sensation of pain;
  • Cover the swollen area with a compress or a piece of dry and sterile cloth;
  • Emergency call.
  • Remember: If the affected area involves the face, hands, legs, joints or genital organs, you must call for help from a specialist.
  • Also, if the burn starts to show blisters, it flares or the victim does not feel pain but the burn is visibly profound, you must go to a medical center to provide the necessary care.

What not to do:

  • Do not try to remove the clothes from the victim if they stick to the skin after contact with hot water;
  • Do not apply ice, cold water, lotions, moisturizing creams or powders because they only prevent proper action of doctors on burns; They do not resort to natural hearing methods because they can do more harm than good;
  • Do not cool the burn area for more than 20 minutes because hypothermia can occur, especially in young children;
  • Do not administer the victim to the mouth in case of thirst because the vomiting may occur; just wet her lips.

Natural Remedies for Small Burns First degree can be treated at home without worrying about a possible infection. The most famous natural treatments and positive results on burns caused by scalding are:

  • The aloe vera juice applied to the affected area has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves pain
  • The egg whites rush the healing process; 
  • A teaspoon of honey applied to the burned skin and covering with a bandage of the area will relieve pain and speed up tissue repair; 
  • The stinging sensation will disappear if you cover the burned area with a raw potato slice or a cataplasm made of raspberries.
  • Honey has antibacterial properties, a slice of raw potatoes, the pain caused by burning, and the mustard is also a good ointment against pain.
  • Also for burns, the best treatment is aloe vera oil that can be applied after rinsing the affected area with cold water.

Keep in mind, however, that you can safely treat, without specialized help, only superficial burns that do not exceed the size of the affected hand. Those that go beyond these dimensions and are deeper require emergency medical care to avoid complications.


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