Sexual Dysfunctions for Men

Juices for sexual dysfunctions

Erectile dysfunction is the number 1 enemy of any couple and affects over 20% of men over the age of 50. These problems also arise in young men, stress and smoking being among the main causes.

Although there are many drugs that can relieve these dysfunctions (they are taken on the advice of a doctor!). Some natural remedies and herbal supplements are promoted as having the same beneficial effect.

The root of ginseng, pomegranate juice and acupuncture are just a few of them. But do they have the promised effect?

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Acupuncture - although it is a traditional Chinese method of improving migraine and back pain, as well as improving blood flow, it does not seem to have consistent studies validating its efficacy in sexual dysfunction.
  • Arginine - is an amino acid found naturally in certain foods such as seafood, fish, eggs, beans, chickpeas, lentils, chocolate, spinach, soy, garlic, citrus, and having a relaxing effect on blood vessels. Arginine supplements are often recommended for patients with heart disease because they improve blood circulation, including in penis, some doctors say. But many do not recommend arginine supplements for the treatment of sexual dysfunction because this compound is rapidly metabolized and high daily doses that may endanger health are required.
  • Instead, l-citrulline is more effective and helps the body produce more arginine, but these supplements should be taken at the recommended dosage because overdose can lower blood pressure.
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone abbreviated DHEA, also called the "youth hormone", is often found in supplements for erectile dysfunction and helps in producing testosterone. It is well known that low levels of testosterone play an important role in erectile dysfunction, but this is not always the case. Therefore, such DHEA supplements should be taken only after detailed analysis and only at the advice of the physician.
  • Supplements with Ginkgo Biloba are among the best-selling in America and Europe, being particularly recommended for relieving movement and memory disturbances, but some people also take them to get rid of impotence. Many doctors recommend Ginkgo Biloba only to improve brain function because there is not enough evidence to have an effect in relieving erectile dysfunction.
  • Pomegranate juice and pomegranate extract may have beneficial effects in terms of sexual dysfunction, but there is insufficient evidence to this effect. The high content of antioxidants helps maintain the health of blood vessels, so it improves blood flow, but it is said to treat erectile dysfunction.
  • The Rhodiola extract, a plant known as "golden root", is often used in supplements that promise help erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation, and is recommended because it removes the feeling of fatigue or exhaustion often at the base of erection disorders.
  • Yohimbe bark extract, a tropical shrub known for its aphrodisiac powers, could improve sexual life in people taking antidepressant therapy, as some clinical trials show, but the list of side effects is rather long - hypertension, beatings irregular heartbeats, anxiety - so you should take such supplements only at the advice of your doctor.

Among the plants used to stimulate sexual appetite are

  • celery - from which can be prepared juices,
  • cinnamon - five grams of cinnamon daily added to red wine, hot spices, especially pepper, seeds such as nuts, peanuts and almonds.

You can make four, six weeks cures with the following recipes: 200 millilitres of carrot juice plus 140 millilitres of celery juice and 60 millilitres of parsley juice or we can make the following combination: 300 millilitres of potato juice plus pepper juice in amounts used in the tolerance of each.

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