Prostate Adenoma

Natural remedies for the prostate.

The prostate is an appendage gland of the male genitals, the size of a walnut under the bladder, which poses the risk of developing conditions with serious consequences with ageing.

When a normal prostate function is impaired, the following problems may occur:

  • prostatitis,
  • inflammation of the prostate gland that usually occurs due to an infection,
  • hypertrophy (enlargement) of the prostate gland or prostate cancer, which is generally asymptomatic.

Chronic form occurs frequently in people over the age of 40 due to hormonal disturbances, reaching a frequency of approximately 30% of the number of men.

Clinical manifestations of prostate affections are

  • frequent urination,
  • pelvic and abdominal pain,
  • urinary incontinence,
  • urinary tract infections,
  • painful rashes in the lumbar region, hips and legs.

Prostate affections are often accompanied by hematuria (presence of blood in the urine) and nocturia.

If you are one of the patients with prostate disorders, you should know that treating prostate affections can also be done with medicinal plants. Here are some natural remedies for prostate diseases:

Nettle juice

  • Nettle substances give a huge boost to the immune system, substantially increasing antitumoral lymphocytes. Excellent properties in the treatment of prostate diseases are found also in the roots of nettle. Dr Hans Wagner said in the Phytomedicine Journal that nettle extract is superior to Indometacin's anti-inflammatory drug. It is recommended to consume 2 glasses/day.

Plumage leaves

  • Plumage leaves contain zinc that is vital to male hormone balance, which means it is helpful in the case of an enlarged prostate. In addition, the patch has an anti-inflammatory effect. Drink a cup of plum juice a day.

Beer yeast cure

  • The yeast has beneficial effects even in prostate cancer. In experimental studies, it was observed that malignancy was stopped in less than three months by daily ingestion of this product.


  • Radishes contain substances with a strong antibiotic effect, have anti-inflammatory action on the kidneys and the prostate and help control urinary sphincters. Consume these roots abundantly. You can also use radish juice (100 ml radish juice combined with 150 ml carrot juice).


  • Several studies have shown that bee pollen treatment brings exceptional results in the treatment of prostate adenoma in the acute phase but also in chronic and prostate hypertrophy. According to the same research, the long-term treatment (at least 60 days) with this remedy, taken in quantities of at least 10 grams per day, in combination with another hive product, royal jelly (100 mg per day).
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