Natural Remedies For Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a common condition that occurs very often especially during the cold season. If you can not get to a doctor quickly, try one of these natural remedies that will ease your symptoms.

What is pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a lung disease caused by infection with viruses, bacteria or fungi. The most common pneumonia among adults is bacterial in nature. This condition can be easily treated, but if neglected there is a risk of very complications.

Due to pneumonia, the pulmonary alveoli are inflamed which makes breathing difficult and causes violent coughing. Depending on the type of pneumonia with which the patient is diagnosed, the doctor recommends a specific medication. Besides the recommended medical treatment, the person diagnosed with pneumonia can also use natural remedies that increase the effectiveness of drugs and accelerate the healing process.

What natural remedies can be used to treat pneumonia

  • Fennel Tea - Fennel seed tea helps to clean the mucus from the airways that hinders breathing and accentuates cough. It can also reduce body temperature.
  • Gargle with salt water - The gargle with lukewarm water, in which you have dissolved a little salt, will clean the mucus from the neck.
  • Turmeric Tea - This type of tea has anti-inflammatory properties and calms the pains, especially those felt in the chest. Turmeric tea is made from a spoonful of turmeric boiled in a pot of water. Drink it hot.
  • Mint tea - Mint tea is as good because it has a calming effect on the upper respiratory tract, improving the symptoms.
  • Inhalations - Hot air inhalations will dilate the airways, helping the patient breathe better. Take steam inhalations above a pot of hot water or in the bathroom.
  • Oregano oil - Essential oil of oregano has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Ginger tea - Ginger stimulates the emulsification of toxins in the body, has anti-inflammatory effects and soothes spasms. Tea is consumed warm and will relieve pain in the chest.
  • Bath with lukewarm water - A bath of lukewarm water will lower the body temperature when you have fever.
  • Hydration is equally important.

It is essential that natural remedies be used to supplement the treatment recommended by a physician to avoid complications.

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