Advice for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one of the major diseases of the modern age. According to recent World Health Organization statistics more than half of women over the age of 50 are affected by this health problem.

Symptoms of osteoporosis are not very obvious and act slowly, with the consequences being observed quite late in life, usually during menopause, when women suffer from estrogen deficiency. Manifestations include bone fragility as a result of bone loss and bone damage.

The main causes of osteoporosis are insufficient calcium and vitamin D intake, and chronic lack of movement. Left untreated, osteoporosis significantly increases the risk of fractures that are the cause of severe disability or even death.

Fortunately, osteoporosis can be prevented in many ways.

Natural treatments for osteoporosis

  • Calcium-rich foods. In order to avoid osteoporosis, a calcium-rich diet is essential from the early years of life. Foods such as milk, yoghurt, broccoli, cauliflower, salmon, tofu cheese, and green leafy vegetables that contain high levels of calcium such as kale cabbage, edible seaweed, parsley and pruning are recommended. According to the National Health Institute and the National Osteoporosis Foundation of the United States, adults aged 19-50 should consume at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily, and people over the age of 50 should increase their dose calcium to 1,200 milligrams. Because of hormonal disturbances, women are most often affected by calcium deficiency, which is why doctors recommend calcium supplements and vitamin D - which is calcium binding in bones - to supplement the recommended daily dose. However, supplementation should be done only at the doctor's recommendation and in precise doses as recent studies show that calcium supplements taken chaotically and excessively may increase the risk of heart and kidney disease. Also, calcium supplements can alter the therapeutic action of certain medicines, especially those for the thyroid, which is why administration without a prior recommendation from a specialist is not appropriate.
  • Avoid phosphorus-rich foods. In order to benefit from the therapeutic effects of calcium in your diet, it is necessary to avoid or reduce phosphorus-containing foods such as red meat, carbonated beverages and phosphate-containing sausages because they weaken bone strength and inhibit calcium absorption in the bones. Also, excessive drinking of coffee and alcohol is contraindicated. To avoid loss of estrogen hormones immediately after menopause, which is a risk factor in osteoporosis, doctors recommend eating foods such as tofu (soybean), especially if it is prepared with calcium sulphate, soy milk and but soy-based products that stimulate estrogen secretion and thus help maintain bone health.
  • Milk Powder and Bone Soup. There are two simple ways you can increase calcium intake in your diet. The first is the addition of powdered milk to the culinary preparations - a teaspoon of milk powder contains ten times more calcium than normal milk - and the second one is adding vinegar to the bones of soup (2-3 tablespoons) especially that in cow, pig or chicken legs. Zinc is consumed in about 100 millilitres, as an addition to the daily soup or as such. Vinegar will dissolve more calcium from the bones.
  • Exercises that keep bone disease away. To prevent osteoporosis, it is not enough to have a high calcium diet but to move. The most important exercises for maintaining the bone system are jogging, aerobics and lifting weights. Although swimming and cycling are beneficial to the heart, they do not prevent osteoporosis because they do not require much bone. Depending on the degree of risk of fractures, certain exercises are inappropriate, so it is good to ask your doctor what type of exercise you can do safely.

Some recipes with positive effects on osteoporosis are recommended

  • Insert an eggshell into boiling water for 5 minutes. Leave it to dry, then put in the coffee grinder. Eat a knife tip of egg powder every day for 10 days. It may be mixed with juice squeezed out of half a lemon, or added to cereal. This therapy is indicated twice a year in January and November.
  • Another remedy can be obtained from juice from black radish leaves. The best results can be obtained from the juice of nap leaves (90 grams), dandelion (90 grams) and carrots (280 grams) in two portions that are given in the morning and evening. Black radish juice consumed daily, 30 grams, 3 times a day, eliminates the excessive amount of salt in the whole body. It will not overdose. It will consume a total of up to 3 litres divided over several days. For the first time, bone pain will occur which will later diminish.
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