Acacia flower for leukorrhea

Leukorrhea is harmless, manifested as leakage of white, viscous secretion from the vagina, present in girls during puberty. The cause of glaucoma is caused by a hyperfunction of the cervical glands in the neck (cervix) of the uterus and is devoid of clinical significance.

If leukorrhea occurs in elderly women and is accompanied by traces of blood, it can be genital cancer, in which case the doctor should be consulted. When women notice a purulent leak, blood traces mean there is a trichomonas infection.

To treat leucorrhea yourself, it is recommended to make vaginal baths with warm chamomile tea (Matricaria chamomilla).

Russian folk medicine recommends acacia flower consumption to stop leukorrhea. During any treatment, sexual activities are prohibited. The plant is not recommended during pregnancy or when there are sexual organ disorders.

Diet for leukorrhea (vaginal discharge)    

  • Consume foods that are easy to digest, especially whole grains, fresh or dried vegetables and fresh fruits.    
  • Drink daily fruit juice.    
  • Avoid spices and pickles, which have the ability to aggravate leukorrhea.    
  • Avoid tea, coffee, fatty foods and fried foods.

Genital wounds

  • Genital wounds have a healing action. baths made from several chamomile blends can be used: chamomile, white nettle, chanterelle or thyme. Put a spoon full of mixture in a litre of hot water, allow to infuse for 10 minutes, then squeeze. After cooling, wash with this tea.  

Yoghurt installations

  • Yoghurt fermentation bacteria favourably influence the vaginal environment. For rebalancing, it is made with yoghurt, for 2 weeks from 2 to 2 days.
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