Sleep time.

Sleep is essential to us, just like air and water. More and more people are having trouble with it - either they can not fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night after just a few hours of rest. In both cases, they are the victims of insomnia.

Everyone can suffer from insomnia, but the list of priorities includes women, the sick (especially those suffering from pulmonary emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, ulcer, heart failure, hypertension) elderly, smokers and alcohol consumers.

Recent data bring troublesome news: More and more young people are confronted with this problem.

Avoid sleeping pills

  • For many insomnia, sleeping pills are the most handy solution. But it is a particularly dangerous one. Certain drugs create addiction, others - serious mental disorders. If insomnia affects your daytime activity, your doctor may prescribe a few tablets, but for a very short period of time.
  • Do not take them after the recommended interval, because you can get even worse. In addition, if you use them longer, they lose their effect. After all, all doctors agree: the best remedies for insomnia remain natural, plus the little tricks that make for easy sleep.

Tricks that get rid of insomnia

  • A hot bath. It's a great way to relax your body. However, be careful not to overdo it! You just want to settle down, do not get exhausted. If you spend too much time in hot water, you will feel a bit of vitality. For guaranteed effects, use bath salts, which will help you relax and eliminate toxins.
  • A massage. Ask your lover to have a massage right before you go to bed. If the massage is general, the better! Massage should be done with slow but firm moves that will eliminate tension in your muscles.
  • Sex. Better relaxation method no longer exists. You've seen just how fast people fall asleep after they make love - it's true for you too. Following orgasm, endorphins will be scattered into the blood, which will reduce brain pressure and help you sleep without worries.
  • Slow Music. Put a CD with discreet music (there's even music specially designed to help you fall asleep), but be careful to schedule it to stop alone, otherwise the effect will be canceled.
  • Warm milk before to bed
  • A low protein snack, but rich in carbohydrates. Consume an hour before bedtime some cupcakes and a juice will help you fall asleep faster. 
  • Sleep on your back. It is the position where you best relax and that allows all organs to "rest". If you have to sleep on the side, then choose the right side, not the left one, to prevent the other internal organs from touching the heart. And avoid sleeping on your stomach!
  • Exercise during the day. People who work in offices and have a sedentary activity more often suffer from insomnia than those who have a job that they physically require. Even a quarter of an hour of exercise per day will provide you with a quiet sleep. 
  • Do not watch TV and do not read before bedtime. Wait at least half an hour after you close your TV set or book until you go to bed. No matter how passive we are when watching TV or reading, our mind is still stimulated.


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