The weapon against cholesterol

On average, consumption of edible mushrooms in Japan in one year is 8 kilograms per inhabitant. This is reflected in the health of this people, which has no Western-style problems such as obesity or diabetes. The reason lies behind this vegetable-medicine. According to the studies, 100 grams of mushrooms/day can lower cholesterol levels by up to 30% in the body thanks to the antioxidants that are present in these vegetables.

As good for liver detoxification in hepatitis or fatty liver, lemon is good for lowering cholesterol too. Ultimately, cholesterol also starts from the liver. Every day, in the morning and in the evening, is recommended to be consumed a mixture of lemon juice and lemon tea. For this are needed 2 lemons: one squeezed, the other is washed, cut and boiled. After the lemon is well soaked, remove it from the heat, squeeze and mix with freshly squeezed juice. Drinking it in a day. You can sweeten the liquor with a teaspoon of honey.

Instead of the classic pills, swallow mustard beans. One spoon of grains must be taken with a bit of water, half an hour before the main meals. You find mustard beans at all natural stores, they are not expensive and they do miracles. The effectiveness of mustard therapy can be seen after three to four months of treatment if you go to a new set of analyzes.

Soy is an ally of hope. Rich in protein and fibre, soy lowers cholesterol if it consumed regularly. For example, a natural remedy is soy milk with oatmeal, eaten every morning for breakfast. Both ingredients are sources of soluble fibre that once they reach the intestine cover it as a protective gel and prevent the absorption of fats.

Oils of fish, olives, flax and hemp are good fats that raise good cholesterol and lower the bad one. You can take fish oil supplements or simply consume fish instead of any other fatty meat. 

Onion and garlic are pure health for your body. From the immunity, cold healing, to lowering cholesterol, these vegetables are very healthy and valuable.

Artichoke is a medicinal plant with remarkable curative properties. It is used in liver problems, digestion, and cardiovascular system disorders.

Thanks to cinnamon content, it has the power to lower bad cholesterol, help to metabolize fats and eliminate them from the liver. It can be consumed in the form of tea, capsules or tinctures.

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