Botanical Name: Artemisia Dracunculus

Botanical Name:
Artemisia Dracunculus



Crop plant, perennial, semi-milled, with roots less deep but numerous and thin.

The stem has a height of 50-100 cm and has numerous branches.

The leaves are linear-lanceolate and are strongly aromatic.

The flowers are white, yellow, brown-violet, are small and clustered in calatidine inflorescences.

The fruit is a very small achen.


  • Central Asia


Active Constituents:

  • A

Healing Properties:

Tarragon- Composition.

The tarragon consists of volatile oils containing aromatic compounds such as phenol-methyl-ether, estragol, coumarins, flavonoids, mucilages, minerals, vitamins.

The leaves also contain terpenic hydrocarbons, anisole aldehyde, acetaldehyde, vitamins B1, C.

Tarhon- Action.

Tartar phytotherapeutic preparations have antiinflammatory, disinfectant, antiinfectious, decongestant, antiviral, antibacterial, antispasmodic, carminative, stomachic (stimulates appetite, favors digestion), diuretic, antiparasitic action, effective for the elimination of intestinal worms.

Tarragon- Therapeutic indications.

Tarot is recommended for digestive disorders (aerophagia, aerosol, flatulence, spastic collapse, fermentation colitis), hypotonia and/or gastric hypopoiestery, anorexia, gout, hydration, cardiac, kidney, liver, ascites.

In external use it can be used to relieve pain in rheumatism.


Green leaves are used as a flavoring in sauces, salads of herbs.

The tarragon can replace the kitchen salt.

The infusion is made from a teaspoon of dried plant to a cup of boiling water; 2 to 3 cups a day.

Leaves of tarragon in vinegar - is a traditional way of preserving fresh tarragon, which is prepared by putting the fresh leaves in a jar or a bottle over which pour apple vinegar, let it be soaked for a week, then use both the leaves of various culinary preparations and vinegar, in various salads, acrie of soups or as a medicine.

In external use it is used in the form of friction, compresses in the case of rheumatic pains, headaches.


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