St John's Wort

Botanical Name: Hypericum perforatum

Botanical Name:
Hypericum perforatum





A perennial herbaceous plant, up to 1 m high, with cylindrical air stem, with two lateral edges, with numerous sterile branches, developed at the leaf axes.

The leaves are oval or elliptical, on the edges and on the face with black dots.

Viewed in light are perforated.

Numerous flowers have 5 yellow petals and they have black punctuation.

It grows from the plain to the mountain area.


  • Europe
  • Asia

Active constituents:

  • Catechin, epicatechin, leucocyanidin, flavonoids, camphor, bioflavonoids, phenolic acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, xanthine, choline, mineral salts

Healing properties:

Internally, it is recommended in colitis, cholecistopathy, in exogenous or endogenous depressive states. External, healing and disinfectant in purulent wounds and burns.


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