Botanical Name: Inula Helenium

Botanical Name:
Inula Helenium





Perennial, vigorous plant, almost 1 m tall, sprawling in spontaneous flora, in hilly areas to submontane regions, at the edge of forests, through wet meadows.

The basal leaves are attenuated in the petiole, long and wide.

Flowers are 6-8 cm in diameter, yellow in colour, similar to a sunflower.


  • Europe
  • Asia

Active constituents:

  • Polymers of levulose, essential oil, antibiotics, frideline, damaradienyl acetate, vitamin C, mineral salts, helenin.

Healing properties:

It is recommended as a diuretic, favoring not only the elimination of water but also of nitrates and chlorides. It is also recommended for anti-inflammatory properties in hepatic congestion, cholecystitis, biliary and renal lithiasis, arthritis, oliguria but also as a sedative associated with other plants. The major recommendation is coughing, diuretic and anthelmintic.


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