Greater Burdock

Botanical Name: Arctium Lappa

Botanical Name:
Arctium Lappa





High biannual plant, 1-2 m tall, 30-60 cm long and thick up to 6 cm.

The leaves are large, ovate triangulate, green on the upper and whitish face on the lower part due to the fine periors.

The inflorescences are globose with purple flowers and are provided with spikes with the tip down.


  • Europe
  • Asia

Active constituents:

  • Caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, inulin, mucilage.
  • Essential oil rich in bitter acids, cortusic acid, lignans, mineral salts.

Healing properties:

Internally, split and dry roots are used for liver disease for choleratic action and for diuretic and slightly hypoglycemic action. Externally, it is used in various lotions to stimulate regeneration and hair growth.


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