Common Hop

Botanical Name: Humulus Lupulus.

Botanical Name:
Humulus Lupulus.





Perennial herbaceous plant, present both in spontaneous flora and in crops. It is a dioecious species, that is to say, on the male stems there are small green flowers in the form of clusters, and on the female stems, cones in the form of cones, with a lot of light yellow green bracts. For medicinal purposes, female flowers are used.


Europe, western Asia and North America

Active constituents:

  • Bitter alpha acids, polyphenolic condensed tannins, essential oil.

Healing properties:

It is recommended in anorexia and as a bitter tonic. There are currently many phytotherapeutic products based on hop cones, recommended in anxiety and insomnia. In combination with valerian extracts, it induces a quiet sleepless side effects. It is also recommended as an aphrodisiac.


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