Botanical Name: Brassica Oleracea.

Botanical Name:
Brassica Oleracea.



The legume plant belonging to the Papaveraceae family.

It is related to cauliflower and asparagus.

It resembles cauliflower, the only difference is the smaller size than it, and the colour of the inflorescence that is green, not white, like cauliflower.


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Active Constituents:

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Healing Properties:

The nutritional profile of this plant is truly impressive: it contains soluble and insoluble fiber in large quantities, vitamin C in huge amounts and vitamin K, extremely necessary for good blood circulation. 

Let's just dissect green vegetables: 100 grams of broccoli bring you 150% of your daily vitamin C needs. For example, this daily dose for a cold shortens the type of manifestation.

Another feature of these plants is the phytonutrient-rich composition, which significantly reduces the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, that is to say, the diseases of modern civilization.

And because it is a plant so popular, there are dozens of studies that have it as subject. We spell out their results and find out that it prevents arthritis, degenerative disease.

The substance called sulforaphane blocks the destruction of cartilage because it intercepts a molecule that produces local inflammation.

Another study shows that broccoli extract applied directly to the skin significantly reduces the devastating effects of ultraviolet rays, and thus broccoli is a protection against skin cancers.

Inside blood vessels, broccoli helps develop enzymes that protect their internal structure. It also reduces the impact of molecules that destroy vessels.

And all the studies say that if you eat broccoli only three times a month, you may reduce your risk of developing bladder cancer by 40%. A broccoli-containing enzyme, called mirosinase, exchangessulfur-containing compounds called glucosinolates in isothiocyanates, also sulfur compounds.

The latter have anticancer properties. Sulfur compounds are essential because they get into the liver detoxification process. These are processes at the level of genes.

All of this information is based on clinical trials. But the wonders that broccoli do are posible if you consume it for easy steam cooking for a few minutes, or if you eat it raw. The cooked product does not maintain its properties.


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