Breckland Thyme

Botanical Name: Thymus Serpyllum

Botanical Name:
Thymus Serpyllum


Botanical name:

Thymus Serpyllum




Small lowland, with branches down to the ground, with leaves with characteristic smell of thyme or lemon. The flowers are pinkish variegated, clustered at the top of the leaves and at the top of the stems. Prefers sunny places, low moisture requirements, vegetation in hill and mountain range.


Europe and North Africa

Active constituents:

  • Essential oil, borneol, cineol thymol, carvacol, mircen.
  • Ursolic acid, caffeic acid, tannin, mineral salts, serpiline

Healing properties:

Due in particular to essential oil components, it has diuretic, anthelmintic and intestinal antiseptic action. It has a calming action on the cough center.


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