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BBC News

March 26th
A woman tells of the pain she experienced as a child being subjected to breast ironing.
March 26th
Public Health England confirms there are 223 suspected cases at two Nottingham universities.
March 26th
Coroners may be given new powers to investigate stillbirths so that each death is independently assessed.
March 26th
The man was one year old when he contracted encephalitis while in hospital.
March 26th
Drugs firm Sanofi has plans to fly supplies into the UK if transport routes are disrupted by Brexit.
March 26th
Health Secretary Matt Hancock hopes to harness technology to root out sites peddling false information.
March 26th
Another male pill passes human safety tests - but it won't be widely available any time soon, experts say.
March 26th
A medical team is trying to intervene to stop stabbings, rather than waiting to treat them when they happen.
March 26th
The practice involves ironing a girl's chest with hot objects to delay breasts from growing
March 26th
A charity says a drug and other advances mean Scotland is at a point where new HIV transmissions are preventable.
March 25th
Health workers say there is less stigma about the form of cocaine and new users are being attracted.
March 25th
Jane Stanton's life dramatically changed after she contracted measles. She's calling for people to take-up all available vaccines.
March 25th
The study could lead to new ideas for treating Alzheimer's disease, say the researchers.
March 25th
Spencer Kay has severe learning disabilities but can conquer the mountains near his north Wales home.
March 25th
A study finds parents focus more on technology with electronic books and interact less with children.
March 25th
Harriet Knock shares cleaning tips on Instagram and encourages people to talk about mental health.
March 24th
A leading transplant surgeon says that services are struggling to keep up with demand.
March 23rd
New technology could improve the care of babies with congenital heart diseases.
March 22nd
A new approach could preserve fertility for boys having cancer treatment - thanks to a baby monkey.
March 21st
There is a lack of evidence for the cut-off point adopted by athletics chiefs, a BMJ editorial says.
March 21st
Anya suffers from a one-in-a-million condition that is like having seven serious diseases all at once.
March 20th
One woman who has overcome anorexia says Instagram didn't cause her eating disorder, but it made it worse.
March 20th
It's not for everyone, but older athletes are pushing the limits of what the body can do as it ages.
March 20th
ADHD can sometimes be portrayed quite negatively, so an ADHD parents' support group asked us to make a film looking at some of the good things about it.
March 19th
With more and more women considering it, what exactly does egg freezing involve?
March 18th
It felt like Sarah Hanan's life had "come to a screeching halt", but it was only the start of her journey.
March 16th
Polish racing driver Robert Kubica is returning to Formula 1 after a serious accident in 2011 partially severed his arm.
March 15th
Children in Bradford are learning how to support each other with mental health.
March 14th
Diabetics in the US are rationing insulin - and dying. How did we get to this point and what's the fix?
March 14th
When Stephanie Elderton's twin boys caught a cold, she never imagined that one of them would end up in intensive care.
March 11th
Why was I accused of inventing my daughter's illness?
December 13th
Use our tracker to check whether your local services are meeting waiting-time targets for cancer, routine operations, A&E and mental health treatment.

NHS News

January 31st
Health A-Z Symptoms, conditions, medicines, treatments and guides Find conditions and treatments Live well Articles, videos and tools from the NHS on more than 100 topics, including alcohol, diet, fitness, tiredness and weight loss, giving you and yo…
November 3rd
"Gut bacteria 'boost' cancer therapy," BBC News reports. The news comes from research into whether people with cancer might respond differently to cancer treatment depending on the bacteria in their gut. Researchers specifically looked at a type of canc…
November 2nd
"Tissue inflammation blood test points to dementia risk," is the headline in The Times. Researchers in the US say people who have higher measures of inflammation in middle age are likely to have less brain tissue in some parts of their brain in older age…
November 1st
"A drug commonly used to treat acid reflux is linked to a more than doubled risk of developing stomach cancer," reports The Guardian. Researchers wanted to investigate whether there's a link between medicines known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and st…
October 31st
A new study investigating the effects of a nutrient drink for Alzheimer's disease has led to very different headlines in the media. While BBC News tells us the "Alzheimer's nutrient drink falters in clinical trial", the Daily Mirror reports the drink "cou…
October 30th
"Marriage and having close friends may help protect against dementia, according to Loughborough University researchers," BBC News reports. The news comes from a study looking at the link between social relationships and the risk of developing dementia. …
October 27th
"Afternoon heart surgery has lower risk of complications, study suggests," says The Guardian. Researchers in France were interested in whether the time of day of the operation was carried out affected the rate of complications following a type of open he…
October 26th
"Up to 300,000 people with long-term mental health problems have to leave their jobs each year, a report says," writes BBC News. This was just one of the UK media outlets that published the findings of a report looking at the extent of mental ill health i…
October 25th
"Common blood thinning drugs halve the risk of dementia for patients who have an irregular heartbeat," reports the Mail Online. Researchers in Sweden used the country's health registry data to assess whether people with a condition called atrial fibrill…
October 25th
"Do you have one of the 180 breast cancer genes? One in five women has a variant that raises her risk of the condition by a third" is the rather inaccurate headline in the Mail Online. The story covers 2 new studies looking for genetic variations known a…

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