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BBC News

April 21st
For Altou, a 19-year-old model, having a ‘slim thick’ body is the key to getting more likes and more work.
April 20th
PM Boris Johnson announces new "antivirals task force" to find "promising new medicines" by autumn.
April 20th
Explore the data on coronavirus in the UK and find out how many cases there are in your area.
April 20th
The EU's drugs regulator says the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine still outweigh the risks.
April 20th
The first minister confirms that the most significant stage in lockdown easing will go ahead as planned.
April 20th
There are "good reasons" for keeping the new variant out of the UK, scientist Prof Mark Walport says.
April 20th
More people were seeking mental health support, but data shows no increase in suicides in England.
April 20th
Pubs and gyms will reopen in Scotland on Monday, as lockdown restrictions ease significantly.
April 20th
Everyone in England and Scotland is being encouraged to take rapid coronavirus tests regularly.
April 20th
Samir Jassal, who has campaigned with the PM, was a contact in a £100m deal for Covid safety gear.
April 20th
With a population larger than Brazil, an Indian state struggles to cope as Covid-19 sweeps through it.
April 20th
Black women are more likely than white women to experience common mental health problems.
April 19th
Vaccines for a limited number of people aged between 35 and 39 are being made available from Monday.
April 19th
People 45 or over in England are being offered a Covid vaccine.
April 19th
The health secretary hails the "terrific milestone", urging those eligible to come forward for the jab.
April 19th
Cases are being found in the UK and the changes the virus is undergoing are concerning.
April 19th
East Kent Hospitals Trust admits failings that came to light after family's campaign for "justice".
April 19th
Scientists will see how the immune system copes second time round, by deliberately infecting volunteers.
April 18th
Some cases of the Indian variant have been found that are not linked to travel, a scientist says.
April 16th
Gary Stewart's wife Jude died in January, but the pandemic meant restrictions on the funeral service.
April 15th
Many Muslims are welcoming pop-up clinics to support the vaccination programme during Ramadan.
April 15th
As the pandemic rages in Brazil, hundreds of babies and young children are dying of Covid.
April 15th
India's cases plummeted earlier this year, but are now on the rise again. What happened?
April 14th
A leading doctor describes it as the "only explanation" for cases falling as restrictions are eased.
April 13th
Why experts are concerned about the emergence of this particular new version of coronavirus.
April 11th
A round-up of the latest false and misleading posts about Covid-19 going viral on social media
April 9th
Islamic scholars and NHS leaders say Muslims can still get the vaccine during Ramadan.
April 8th
The drop in England and Wales comes amid efforts to reassure the public about vaccine safety.
April 7th
Busting myths and explaining the facts around vaccines.
March 17th
Shielding in England is ending on 31 March.
March 8th
As the UK cautiously unlocks, experts will review the evidence on when and where masks are needed.
January 28th
A new cough, fever and change in smell or taste are the key symptoms that mean you may have coronavirus.
January 6th
Some people across the UK have been able to form "support bubbles" or "extended households".
May 3rd
Use our tool to check the meaning of key words and phrases associated with the Covid-19 outbreak.
April 16th
While most people will have mild symptoms and recover quickly, some are more prone to getting sick.

NHS News

January 31st
Health A-Z Symptoms, conditions, medicines, treatments and guides Find conditions and treatments Live well Articles, videos and tools from the NHS on more than 100 topics, including alcohol, diet, fitness, tiredness and weight loss, giving you and yo…
November 3rd
"Gut bacteria 'boost' cancer therapy," BBC News reports. The news comes from research into whether people with cancer might respond differently to cancer treatment depending on the bacteria in their gut. Researchers specifically looked at a type of canc…
November 2nd
"Tissue inflammation blood test points to dementia risk," is the headline in The Times. Researchers in the US say people who have higher measures of inflammation in middle age are likely to have less brain tissue in some parts of their brain in older age…
November 1st
"A drug commonly used to treat acid reflux is linked to a more than doubled risk of developing stomach cancer," reports The Guardian. Researchers wanted to investigate whether there's a link between medicines known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and st…
October 31st
A new study investigating the effects of a nutrient drink for Alzheimer's disease has led to very different headlines in the media. While BBC News tells us the "Alzheimer's nutrient drink falters in clinical trial", the Daily Mirror reports the drink "cou…
October 30th
"Marriage and having close friends may help protect against dementia, according to Loughborough University researchers," BBC News reports. The news comes from a study looking at the link between social relationships and the risk of developing dementia. …
October 27th
"Afternoon heart surgery has lower risk of complications, study suggests," says The Guardian. Researchers in France were interested in whether the time of day of the operation was carried out affected the rate of complications following a type of open he…
October 26th
"Up to 300,000 people with long-term mental health problems have to leave their jobs each year, a report says," writes BBC News. This was just one of the UK media outlets that published the findings of a report looking at the extent of mental ill health i…
October 25th
"Common blood thinning drugs halve the risk of dementia for patients who have an irregular heartbeat," reports the Mail Online. Researchers in Sweden used the country's health registry data to assess whether people with a condition called atrial fibrill…
October 25th
"Do you have one of the 180 breast cancer genes? One in five women has a variant that raises her risk of the condition by a third" is the rather inaccurate headline in the Mail Online. The story covers 2 new studies looking for genetic variations known a…

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