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BBC News

January 26th
Following his diagnosis Scott Hanley turned to physical activity and says he is now "symptom free".
January 26th
Laws may be tightened on the sale and use of the drug, which can have damaging side effects to users.
January 26th
Giorgia Green's parents want clearer product labelling to warn of the potential dangers.
January 26th
Flu, staff shortages and Covid backlogs are putting the NHS under severe strain, find out what's happening in your area.
January 26th
There are hopes students will stay in north Wales after their degree to ease a shortage of doctors.
January 26th
A father warns about the dangers of aerosol deodorants following his daughter's death.
January 26th
A University of East Anglia study finds the deaths were caused by a gene mutation which affects vitamin D metabolism.
January 26th
As nurses strike in multiple countries, John Dela Cruz went viral on TikTok with his short videos.
January 26th
The strike across 30 services in England is the latest action by health staff in the pay dispute.
January 25th
Northern Ireland's first children's ambulance is designed to make surgery trips easier for kids.
January 25th
Flora Turnbull is to run the event in honour of her father and raise prostate cancer awareness.
January 25th
Some NHS nurses, ambulance staff and physiotherapists are striking in a dispute over pay.
January 25th
Ambulance crews say they are treating more people who are sick because they cannot afford to heat their home.
January 25th
Figures reveal 30% of women in England are not up to date with cervical screening.
January 24th
Hospital admissions peaked on 29 December, putting significant pressure on services, NHS bosses say.
January 24th
Symptoms can start in your 40s - here's our guide to what happens in the run-up to periods stopping.
January 23rd
Angela Ratcliffe says wearing wigs helped her children deal with her hair loss during cancer treatment.
January 21st
Marie McLean is scared to go to sleep after discovering her records tell medics not to attempt CPR.
January 21st
One worker found social care "very rewarding" and would return if he could get truck driver wages.
January 20th
It was only when she died that her family found how many people she helped with her writing.
January 17th
As nurses take part in the largest strike in NHS history, use our tool to see if your area is affected.
January 17th
An ethicist is seeking to reform medical language families and patients can find upsetting.
January 16th
How doctors are spotting problems early and offering treatments at home - BBC Panorama.
January 15th
Four months ago, Geraint John lost his wife - the mother of his three children - to cancer.
January 12th
Heart attack victim Martin Clark died after family drove him to hospital themselves after 45-minute wait.
January 11th
Three paramedics tell BBC News what it is like to work in the strike-hit profession at the moment.
January 10th
What you need to know about emergency care during the ambulance strike.
January 10th
Over-50s and NHS staff can get a Covid booster, as can younger people who are at higher risk.
January 10th
The latest Omicron variant is making scientists take notice in the US - so what do you need to know?
January 10th
New figures show more than 650,000 people died in the UK last year.
January 8th
With Dry January under way, more people are choosing to reduce alcohol consumption year round.
January 6th
The government is working with German pharmaceutical company BioNTech on new ways to fight cancer.
January 5th
China is ramping up its vaccination programme in response to the latest wave of Covid.
December 29th
Beijing is finally opening its borders - but some countries are wary of a Covid threat.
December 26th
The UK Health Security Agency says it will halt publishing the figures from early January.

NHS News

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