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BBC News

October 28th
Influencer Molly-Mae Hague, 21, is raising awareness about skin cancer among young people.
October 27th
Intensive care units are now beginning to fill, the World Health Organization tells the BBC.
October 27th
Explore the data on coronavirus in the UK and find out how many cases there are in your area.
October 27th
Medical researchers around the world are working on a vaccine for Covid-19.
October 27th
This is likely to mean immunity levels decline and raises the risk of reinfection, researchers say.
October 27th
Doctors say Covid-19 is now rampant in the refugee camps of Idlib, north-west Syria.
October 27th
Labour's review says ethnic minorities are "over-exposed" and have worse healthcare than white people.
October 27th
A new mural in east London is four storeys high, created with more than 200 flowers.
October 27th
Her birth has also led to a debate about the ethics of using technology to create a child.
October 27th
Plastic surgeons implore people to think twice about DIY back garden displays, to avoid injuries.
October 26th
Some parts of the surrounding county will also face the toughest Covid rules.
October 26th
What are the tests for coronavirus, who are they for and how do they work?
October 26th
The £120 nasal swab test will be available to people not showing any symptoms.
October 26th
Units for new mothers and women with serious mental health issues are facing unique challenges.
October 26th
Covid's second wave has hit one part of south Bradford badly, and residents have an idea where the problem began.
October 26th
Devi Nurjandoa survived Covid but is now having to adjust to a new way of life.
October 25th
Kate Courtman and Sarah Mountford set up the Bra Sisters to help women find bras post-mastectomy.
October 24th
The NHS wants us to donate blood plasma to help fight Covid-19. But why?
October 22nd
Why does the biology of coronavirus mean it poses such a threat to human life?
October 21st
BBC Breakfast spent four days filming inside The Christie Hospital in Manchester, meeting patients and staff.
October 20th
Could human challenge trials speed up the development of a coronavirus vaccine?
October 16th
People around the UK must now wear face coverings in many public places, but what are the rules?
October 16th
Areas where transmission is highest in England are shutting gyms, but does the science support it?
October 15th
With so many different soaps to choose from, Dr Michelle Wong explains how to find the best soap for you.
October 14th
The government did not take the recommendation of a "circuit breaker" lockdown.
October 13th
Sage and Prof Chris Whitty appear at odds with the political decisions made by government.
October 13th
Bats have been scapegoated by humans for centuries, with Covid only the latest example, say scientists.
October 12th
Boris Johnson says there are eight hospitals under way and 40 more to come.
October 12th
The latest survey from the Born in Bradford study shows the effect of lockdown on family finances and mental health.
October 10th
Could the long-term mental health impact of virus restrictions be far more damaging than the virus itself?
October 7th
One in four people in the UK is currently subject to local interventions to prevent the spread of Covid.
October 6th
Why is coronavirus leaving some people with long-term health problems including fatigue?
October 2nd
The US president has multiple risk factors for developing a severe form of Covid-19, so what does it mean?
October 1st
Partners are still not able to attend terminations at most hospitals amid coronavirus restrictions.
September 30th
Dr John Wright looks at the kit installed in a Bradford mosque in the hope of limiting the spread of Covid-19.

NHS News

January 31st
Health A-Z Symptoms, conditions, medicines, treatments and guides Find conditions and treatments Live well Articles, videos and tools from the NHS on more than 100 topics, including alcohol, diet, fitness, tiredness and weight loss, giving you and yo…
November 3rd
"Gut bacteria 'boost' cancer therapy," BBC News reports. The news comes from research into whether people with cancer might respond differently to cancer treatment depending on the bacteria in their gut. Researchers specifically looked at a type of canc…
November 2nd
"Tissue inflammation blood test points to dementia risk," is the headline in The Times. Researchers in the US say people who have higher measures of inflammation in middle age are likely to have less brain tissue in some parts of their brain in older age…
November 1st
"A drug commonly used to treat acid reflux is linked to a more than doubled risk of developing stomach cancer," reports The Guardian. Researchers wanted to investigate whether there's a link between medicines known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and st…
October 31st
A new study investigating the effects of a nutrient drink for Alzheimer's disease has led to very different headlines in the media. While BBC News tells us the "Alzheimer's nutrient drink falters in clinical trial", the Daily Mirror reports the drink "cou…
October 30th
"Marriage and having close friends may help protect against dementia, according to Loughborough University researchers," BBC News reports. The news comes from a study looking at the link between social relationships and the risk of developing dementia. …
October 27th
"Afternoon heart surgery has lower risk of complications, study suggests," says The Guardian. Researchers in France were interested in whether the time of day of the operation was carried out affected the rate of complications following a type of open he…
October 26th
"Up to 300,000 people with long-term mental health problems have to leave their jobs each year, a report says," writes BBC News. This was just one of the UK media outlets that published the findings of a report looking at the extent of mental ill health i…
October 25th
"Common blood thinning drugs halve the risk of dementia for patients who have an irregular heartbeat," reports the Mail Online. Researchers in Sweden used the country's health registry data to assess whether people with a condition called atrial fibrill…
October 25th
"Do you have one of the 180 breast cancer genes? One in five women has a variant that raises her risk of the condition by a third" is the rather inaccurate headline in the Mail Online. The story covers 2 new studies looking for genetic variations known a…

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