Pulmonary Sclerosis

Description, Symptoms, Evolution, Therapy.

It is a primary or secondary disease, localised or diffuse due to excessive proliferation of lung connective tissue, often leading to respiratory failure and sometimes to right heart failure. When sclerosis is in the entire lung, it is called Fibrothorax.

There are several types of pulmonary sclerosis:

  • Localized pulmonary sclerosis that occurs after pulmonary tuberculosis, after bronchopulmonary suppuration, chronic pneumopathy, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary syphilis.
  • Diffuse pulmonary sclerosis that occurs in pneumoconiosis, collagen diseases.
  • Consecutive sclerosis of cardiocirculatory disorders that sometimes occurs after chronic pulmonary stasis in mitral stenosis.


Pulmonary screlosis symptoms depend on causal affection, but there are also some common symptoms such as progressive dyspnea at first in the effort, later and in rest too, signs of chronic bronchitis, restrictive and obstructive ventilatory dysfunctions.

The radiological picture is dominated by the increase of the lung drawing and the appearance of the nodular opacity.


It is slow, progressive, with significant complications, the most severe being the respiratory failure and chronic pulmonary heart.

Frequently, pulmonary sclerosis is accompanied by emphysema.

A specific clinical form is Hamman-Rich syndrome, diffuse pulmonary fibrosis of unknown origin, which occurs at the age of 30-40 years with cyanosis, coughing, dyspnea and rapid-onset fever.


Pulmonary sclerosis treatment is especially preventative, following the correct and energetic therapy of diseases accompanied by pulmonary sclerosis. In the cure with unknown etiology, some improvements are obtained through corticotherapy. Regardless of the nature of the charm, a symptomatic and anti-inflammatory therapy should be instituted. Corticotherapy and oxygen may sometimes be useful.

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