Pulmonary Gangrene

Description and Treatment

It is a diffuse and stretched pulmonary suppuration, with severe alteration of the general condition and fetid expectoration. Responsible germs are various varieties of streptococci, anaerobic germs in general.

It has an extended character, without being limited to a lobe or a segment. Generally, there is no central cavity but a cavity system that communicates with each other. The onset is similar to lobar pneumonia (high fever, chest pain, cough) but more brutal and the general condition is altered from the start. In the following days, the temperature remains high, septic, with repeated chills. The sputum is abundant, mixed with blood and necrotic lung tissue with a smell particularly intense. If treatment is early and intense, healing is obtained.

Pulmonary gangrene treatment is similar to pulmonary abscess, but the antibiotics that form the basis of treatment should be given in high doses and for a long time.


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