Pulmonary Air Cysts

Description, Therapy, Prophylaxis.

There are single or multiple cavities, usually congenital, more rarely acquired, of varied sizes that occur in the lung parenchyma. Generally, air cycles are many. They can be detected either on a radiological examination showing a clear, fine-grained image of normal parenchyma. Cyst infection causes pulmonary suppuration syndrome, characterised by fever, cough, purulent expectoration, and the radiographic examination is hydroaeric. Outside of these circumstances, the disease goes unnoticed, except cysts that contain several lobes (the polycystic lung), that can cause dyspnea and cyanosis.


Pulmonary air cyst treatment is surgical. Medical treatment addresses complications such as suppuration, hemoptysis.


Pulmonary air cyst prophylaxis aims at early detection mass radiophotography examinations, dynamic combat of bronchitis episodes and infections.

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