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It is an inflammation of the pulmonary serous membrane, without fluid effusion, having as an anatomopathological substrate the deposition of fibrin on the pleura surface.

It occurs in pulmonary tuberculosis, representing either the incipient or convalescent phase of a serophyrous pleurisy, or a manifestation of its own. It may also occur in various lung diseases: bacterial pneumonia, virotic and pulmonary abscess.

Onset may be insidious or sudden with fever, chest pain, accentuated by coughing and breathing. Chest pain forces the patient to lie down on the affected side to restrain diseased hemodialysis. The cough is dry and painful. Sometimes sweating occurs. The main physical sign is pleural effusion.


It is done either by healing in 2-3 weeks, or by a sero-fibrotic pleurisy.


Pleuritis treatment consists of bed rest, analgesics, antipyretics and revulsive treatments applied locally.

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