Acute Pyelonephritis

Description. Evolution. Treatment.

The general picture of acute pyelonephritis is urinary infection and onset is characterised by common, but not always, by general signs of infection: sudden or progressive fever, chills, sweating, headaches.

Urinary manifestations consist of lumbar pain, more frequently unilateral, having renal colic, pollakiuria and severe pain.

The acute pyelonephritis diagnosis is based on two essential signs:

  • increased leukocyte (more than 5000 elements),
  • bacteriuria (over 100,000 germs/ml).

Immediate evolution is favourable under the conditions of a fair treatment. The disease usually lasts for 1-4 weeks. Complications are rare, but chronic is frequent.

Acute pyelonephritis diagnosis is based on infectious and urinary syndromes.

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