Friends and family often know what's best for us.

Posted by Florina on December 16, 2018

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A Community for a Healthy You!

Dec 16, 2018

We live in the centre of scientific evolution, and we are increasingly surrounded by artificial intelligence that seems to lead us to greater comfort. It relieves our workloads, treats more and more illnesses that we believe incurable, and drives us to more creative thinking.

But we must not forget that nature entirely inspires science. Without nature, science would not be able to develop the things that we all have at hand, but which we use less and less.

For this reason, when it comes to health, we should remember that we are an integral part of nature.

What is in Your Bathroom Cabinet?

We are not always aware of the beneficial health properties of the living plants and everyday items that surround us. They are much more complicated than pharmaceutical products. More concentrated, free of additives and toxic substances, and more suitable for healthy organisms, such as ourselves!

Taking advantage of their benefits is the central focus of this website.

We all hear from our friends and relatives about natural, wholesome remedies used by our grandparents for improvement of symptoms and treatment of diseases.

Trust Your Doctor...

Of course, our family doctors keep a record of the entire history of our health and is the only person in a position to medically investigate symptoms, give a proper diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. But on many occasions, a large proportion of us will not go to the doctor as soon as we have a sore throat, a few pimples on the face, when we lose hair, have rough skin or minor burns. At that moment we are looking for what is at hand to deal with the minor health issues which do not give us peace.

...and Trust Your Friends, Family and Yourself.

We call our grandmother, look on the internet or in magazines, or open the bathroom cabinet to see what medicines we already have. We hope somewhere in all of that content to find a solution or at least some relief.

Therefore, the Dictionary of this website is designed to provide essential information relating to the plants that interest us: how you may recognise them, their origins and their pharmaceutical properties.

For unknown words, such as biological terms, we created the Glossary section, to explain each of their meanings.

The Therapy section is devoted to natural remedies used in different cultures for the treatment of particular diseases.

We welcome any method or recipe recommended by you, as well as any other advice, so we all contribute to the preservation and promotion of traditional practices and customs, which have given and will always give results. You can post them in our Forums or send us a message using the Contact Us page.

All areas have Comments sections and we are looking forward to hearing from you, and responding to your ideas.

I hope you enjoy the site and can't wait to hear from you!

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I am the owner of the Plantfont website and I'm delighted to share my ideas with you here. Let me know your thoughts too!

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kam I have great pain relieving experience with turmeric powder. You can add it to warm milk and use it. A teaspoon is enough for a glass of milk. I am sure, it is safe and perfectly okay.
Posted on December 28, 2018 at 8:29 PM
Florina Seams that Turmeric has a lot of useful properties. I use it weekly for the dark spots on the skin. Thank you for reminding me that l did not add yet the description of the plant in the Dictionary section.
Posted on December 29, 2018 at 4:44 PM
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