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A vast number of plant species are used in phytotherapy. Much is known about them and their healing properties are discussed here but this site is not designed as a substitute for professional medical treatment and counselling. Those who read and take note of the information we all share here, however, are very likely to enjoy healthy long lives in my opinion.

I hope that when reading this website you will think of yourself not only as an individual but also as a family member of our community. Consider the fact that your respectful actions and choices can affect you and others in a positive way.

Health and Long Life

Generally, people today live longer and suffer from fewer illnesses in their lives than ever before in the history of mankind. Yet, even in wealthy nations of North America and Western Europe, people can suffer from serious health problems for a quarter of their lives and often end up with illnesses that can cause intense suffering over the last few years of their existence.

Our Strategy at Plant Font

This website is trying to offer a strategy to maximise your self-healing potential and to better understand your health and illnesses, to help prevent issues and enjoy a healthy life. The material at is a source of information carefully-gathered and learned from journals, scientific papers and many other sources that I personally present to you. It is the best information I can find on the subject and I offer it to you as my sincere and passionate belief that it will benefit you.

What We Share Here

The site contains a dictionary of plants used in alternative medicine, recipes used over time to treat illness and give symptom relief, a glossary of the keywords used throughout the site and an open (but moderated) forum for all users, who can freely express their thoughts about anything in the website or about related matters, as well as sharing tips and suggestions.

Here's to your Good Health!


You can select a Featured Therapy from the pictures below, or see our Home Remedies page to see what remedies are best for you.

You can select a Featured Plant from the pictures below, or see our Plant Dictionary page to choose from the entire collection.

Dictionary: Out of the several thousand known species of medicinal herbs, we selected some of the most important ones. Each plant is presented monographically: description, chemical composition and therapeutic applications (recommendations).


Glossary: To ease the full understanding of the ideas presented, the glossary explains most of the terms used by specialists.


Home Remedy Recipes: Follow our tried and tested techniques and recipes, share your results and discuss the endless possibilities in our online community.

Let's motivate each other to enjoy a clean and healthy lifestyle!

Our plant therapies are aimed at helping to relieve symptoms and improve health.


Comments and Community: Sharing what we know and collaborating to investigate new ideas is part of what makes us such a unique species!

Are you curious about plants, health and nutrition too? Join in with us as we explore and push the boundaries of our knowledge.

Join in the discussions on each of our pages and in our forums.


Most Popular

Headache Relief

Tea from the valerian root helps treat headaches.

November 2018 PlantFont Website Launch!

We're very excited about the launch of the website in November 2018! Plantfont.c…


Long elongated fruit that opens on two lines.


Leaf with a thin toe.


Sleep time.

Indigestion Remedy

In case of indigestion, you can use Salvia


Pedicel bearer of conidia.

Family (Plant Family)

A plant family is a collection of plants, grouped together, which share characte…


Affections that involve concurrently the heart and kidney involvement.

Stomach Burns

Natural remedies for stomach burns.


Or antimicrobial. There are numerous plant species that contain either antibioti…

Anxiety and Yoga

You can control your body

Recent Comments & Posts

Re: HERBAL remedy for Alzheimer

Hi Kam,

I've read something about this. Chinese medicine is often based on a mixture of herbs, it usually has a fairly large number of constituents.

I'm not sure which herbs in Chinese medicine they say specifically work for Alzheimer's Disease thou…
Posted on 1/4/2019 at 7:05 PM
by: Mike

HERBAL remedy for Alzheimer

Hello all my forum friends,
I have a query about Alzheimer. I have heard that there is a herbal remedy available for treating the illness in Chinese traditional medicine. Anyone who knows about it?
Please get me this information if anyone has it.
Stay …
Posted on 12/28/2018 at 8:39 PM
by: kam

Is Cannabis really beneficial?

can anyone share the medicinal benefits of Cannabis plant?
is all that hype about this plant and its derivatives true?
Please share information or an personal experiences.
Thanks and warm regards
Posted on 12/28/2018 at 8:26 PM
by: kam

Re: November 2018 PlantFont Website Launch!

This is a great initiative to start this platform with the intent of sharing valuable information about the plants and their medicinal benefits. Wish you guys best of luck and thanks for sharing such an informational theme
Posted on 12/28/2018 at 8:23 PM
by: kam

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